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The Bay Area Public School is collaborative and free. We are part of an international network of schools.

** NEWSFLASH July 2014 ** We have moved to 4799 Shattuck Avenue in Oakland!

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Public School Potluck - Open to All!
We will be hosting a Public School Meeting & Potluck next Friday, on the following topics:
  • Summer School de-brief
  • taking the energy of Summer School forward to new projects
  • Public School organizing
If you were interested in Summer School or are interested in new manifestations or in the exciting energy at a boil around radical education efforts in the Bay, please join us!


Friday, August 24 @ 7pm
Niebyl-Proctor Library, Red & Black room (upstairs back — enter by back stairs)
6501 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609
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Education Conversation
  • Summer School!  We miss you already.  For a taste of the education conversation, which the Public School will be taking up going forward, here’s Sara Larsen’s live notes on Summer School’s EDUCATION session, Saturday, August 11, 2012. And, keep an eye on this space for announcements of radical education venues, projects, and activities around the Bay.
  • Liveblogging EDUCATION day at the Summer School: Amputating education…education struggles are now more about access to the university (as opposed to struggles to change the content of the university)…but you also have to take on catastrophic debt to be there. 
  • Why can college administrators get away with such high tuition? bc they know that students must purchase a certificate to get a “better” job (buying a form of social insurance)
  • Liveblogging EDUCATION day at the Summer School: Chris Chen is about to present on OccupyCal, and then we will have Tinker Greene and Micah Ballard talking about new college. The topic is the crisis in higher education. There is time for you to get here! 
  • Liveblogging EDUCATION day at the Summer School: we are looking at “(Un)hinging Whiteness” by Aimee Carrillo Rowe and Sheena Malhotra and are about to discuss….the subject is anti-racism in education.
  • ‎”If I can’t dance I don’t want to be in your revolution,” said Emma Goldman.
  • DANCE PARTY AT THE SUMMER SCHOOL TONIGHT! Come hang out, have drinks, talk to your friends and soon-to-be friends, and dance!!! 9 pm-Midnight featuring DJ Public Frenemy! BYOB!
  • Liveblogging EDUCATION day at the Summer School: hmmm, money trickles UP in private education of all kinds. que sorpresa!
  • Liveblogging EDUCATION day at the Summer School:  As public education gets gutted, we end up with private universities like University of Phoenix, “the Walmarts of education”. Talking now about the Wisconson walk-out, actions in Oakland for public education….this is getting really good.
  • Liveblogging EDUCATION day at the Summer School: We are watching a movie on the crisis in education in California - this all started with California’s own jerk-fascist, Ronald Reagon. After this, Monica Peck will talk about her experiences teaching prisoners at San Quentin. How do prisons relate to education in our culture? Then the discussion on what is education post-primary ed…
  • Liveblogging EDUCATION day at the Summer School: We are taking a coffee and food break - there is lots to eat here! And many folks hanging out, so definitely come join the fun! 
  • Next up, we’ll be discussing what happens after we leave primary school, what happens when we turn “adult”. Tinker Green and Micah Ballard will discuss New College, as well.
  • Liveblogging EDUCATION day at the Summer School: For some, school is “bootcamp”, a place where one is taught to be docile, to play by consensus rules or be punished… for others, school was experienced as a relief and a sanctuary.
  • Mainstream public school as not a safe place for many….
  • Do grades ever represent our passions and our desires? if they don’t, what does that do to a person? how to rethink this?
  • Some say what is taught is authoritarian
  • Liveblogging EDUCATION day at the Summer School: Talking about learning as a creative act…a school can be a part of a rebuilt world…?
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Tonight’s Theme: Empire

Summer School rounds out the week with stellar presentations on the theme of Empire.  

August 10: EMPIRE


·    GIFFORD HARTMAN on global supply chains


·    CHRIS CHEN on Global Racisms and the 3 Faces of “Empire”

·    MATT SIMONTON on ancient empires

·    CLIFTON ROSS on movements in central and south America

Film screening:

·         Montage of films on China

If you want to start your thinking early, here’s some related links:

Who Calls the Shots in the Global Economy?  Research page from PBS’s Frontline documentary on Wal-Mart about global supply chains & big box retail:  

Make sure to refer to Chris Chen’s fantastic advance readings from an earlier post.

Finally, in reference to ancient empires, interesting article on contemporary historians’ classist snobbery about art sponsored by ex-slaves in the Roman world:  

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Erika Staiti’s film MOVEABLE PARTS made a beautiful, reflective close to City Night at Summer School, and brought up many of the themes touched on during the night:  mobility, surveillance, infrastructure, militarization, and ways of re-mapping the city.  If you didn’t have a chance to see it, watch it here - and make sure to visit Erika’s Vimeo page and check out other great video work.  

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'THE TRUTH! at which Orlando woke.

He stretched himself. He rose. He stood upright in complete nakedness before us, and while the trumpets pealed Truth! Truth! Truth! we have no choice left but confess--he was a woman. *** The sound of the trumpets died away and Orlando stood stark naked. No human being, since the world began, has ever looked more ravishing. His form combined in one the strength of a man and a woman's grace. As he stood there, the silver trumpets prolonged their note, as if reluctant to leave the lovely sight which their blast had called forth; and Chastity, Purity, and Modesty, inspired, no doubt, by Curiosity, peeped in at the door and threw a garment like a towel at the naked form which, unfortunately, fell short by several inches. Orlando looked himself up and down in a long looking-glass, without showing any signs of discomposure, and went, presumably, to his bath. We may take advantage of this pause in the narrative to make certain statements. Orlando had become a woman--there is no denying it. But in every other respect, Orlando remained precisely as he had been. The change of sex, though it altered their future, did nothing whatever to alter their identity. Their faces remained, as their portraits prove, practically the same. His memory--but in future we must, for convention's sake, say 'her' for 'his,' and 'she' for 'he'--her memory then, went back through all the events of her past life without encountering any obstacle. Some slight haziness there may have been, as if a few dark drops had fallen into the clear pool of memory; certain things had become a little dimmed; but that was all. The change seemed to have been accomplished painlessly and completely and in such a way that Orlando herself showed no surprise at it. Many people, taking this into account, and holding that such a change of sex is against nature, have been at great pains to prove (1) that Orlando had always been a woman, (2) that Orlando is at this moment a man. Let biologists and psychologists determine. It is enough for us to state the simple fact; Orlando was a man till the age of thirty; when he became a woman and has remained so ever since.

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Tonight - Politics of Language!

Join Summer School for a night on the politics of language.


·    CHRISTIAN NAGLER on instrumentalization of the mass body


·    NORMA COLE is a poet, painter, and translator

·    ROBERT HURLEY is a translator of several leading French philosophers

·    LAURA WELCHER is a linguist and director of The Rosetta Project

·    MATTHEW VOllGRAFF is a writer and artist


·    “O”s: a performance

A couple thoughts / links - the Rosetta Project refers to the store of human language (much of it in danger of vanishing) as our language commons.  And they have been hosting Record-A-Thons, training people how to record and document languages they speak with inexpensive equipment:

And, Tom Comitta, who will be performing, ran an interventionist sound poetry troupe, the SF Guerilla Opera.  He is good at getting people to surprise themselves, together. 

"Sing the USA Patriot Act to your nearest surveillance":

Don’t miss it!

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CHRIS CHEN on Global Racisms and the 3 Faces of “Empire”

On August 10, 2012, at Summer School, Chris Chen will be speaking about three distinct but overlapping definitions of “Empire” - as coloniality, as capitalism,
and as liberal democracy.

Some useful readings:

Anibal Quijano “Coloniality and Modernity/Rationality”

Decolonization: A Short Definition


Iadicola, Peter, and Anson D. Shupe,
"Structural Violence" from Violence, Inequality, and Human Freedom.


Call by Tiqqun

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Interview with David Wojnarowicz

David Wojnarowicz’s Fire in my Belly will be screened on August 6, 2012, as part of Summer School’s night on THE BODY.  

These two interviews give a preview of his powerful voice.

Still from Fire in my Belly:

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Gang Injunction Resources from Critical Resistance →

Some great resources on gang injunctions from Critical Resistance, who will be presenting a workshop at 7pm, on Tuesday, August 7, the night about THE CITY.  

Their workshop will be on the uses and impacts of civil gang injunctions in Oakland. Participants will learn about gang injunctions’ relationship to policing, surveillance, imprisonment, racism, and economic inequity. This workshop will also highlight community efforts to resist and to build self-determination.

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Graphic artist and printer, David Lances Goines will participate as a panelist at 8 pm, August 8th, on the subject of “The Politics of Language.”  Above, are 3 of his many posters which can be found at, along with a series of essays and articles.

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August 8th, at 8pm, Dr. Laura Welcher will participate on “The Politics of Language” panel.  She is the director of operations at The Rosetta Project, a contemporary version of the historic Rosetta Stone, a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1000 languages, at The Long Now foundation.  This film details the project, from the origin of its design to its fascinating development.

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What is a School?


We (Summer School 2012) want YOU to participate in a mega-epic discussion/vent-session/future-dreaming around the question “What is a School?” — specifically targeting The Public School System and primary education for young folks. We want to know what you think. We want to know what you want! 

This is part of the Saturday, August 11th EDUCATION themed day of Summer School:  
the Public/Primary Education segment will be 12-2pm.  For more information, check the schedule page or write to -


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Word Magic by Norma Cole →

Beautiful piece by Norma Cole, who will be gracing Summer School’s POLITICS of LANGUAGE panel on August 8, 2012.


complex, complexion

translate, translation

emote, emotion

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A List Poem of Sorts…

Made of the first part of a collectively-sourced bibliography for the night on THE CITY.  It’s a teaser.  There are many more books and films to come.  


Here goes.

City of Quartz:  Excavating the Future in Los Angeles
Planet of Slums
Planet of Slums; City of Quartz
Cities Under Siege.

Social Justice and the City
Common Ground in a Liquid City
The Life and Death of Great American Cities
The Ludic City: Exploring the Potential of Public Spaces 
On the Plaza

Naked City; The Just City
American Babylon: Race and the Struggle for Postwar Oakland
The New Urban Frontier: Gentrification and the Revanchist City
The Power of Place; The Grand Domestic Revolution

Seeking Spatial Justice

City: Rediscovering the Center
All that is Solid Melts into Air
The Works: Anatomy of a City; The Global City
Flesh and Stone: The Body and the City in Western Civilization
Times Square Red, Times Square Blue

Rebel Cities
Spaces of Hope
City: Rediscovering the Center

The Right to the City
Living for the City: Migration, Education, and the Rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, California 

Maximum City 

What is an Apparatus 
20 Theses on the Subversion of the Metropolis 
Til the Clock Stops: Crime, Opacity, Insurrection
Policing US; The New Enclosures

The Archaeology of Urban Landscapes
Urbanized; The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces 

Working People of California

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