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Tonight - Politics of Language!

Join Summer School for a night on the politics of language.


·    CHRISTIAN NAGLER on instrumentalization of the mass body


·    NORMA COLE is a poet, painter, and translator

·    ROBERT HURLEY is a translator of several leading French philosophers

·    LAURA WELCHER is a linguist and director of The Rosetta Project

·    MATTHEW VOllGRAFF is a writer and artist


·    “O”s: a performance

A couple thoughts / links - the Rosetta Project refers to the store of human language (much of it in danger of vanishing) as our language commons.  And they have been hosting Record-A-Thons, training people how to record and document languages they speak with inexpensive equipment:

And, Tom Comitta, who will be performing, ran an interventionist sound poetry troupe, the SF Guerilla Opera.  He is good at getting people to surprise themselves, together. 

"Sing the USA Patriot Act to your nearest surveillance":

Don’t miss it!

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Graphic artist and printer, David Lances Goines will participate as a panelist at 8 pm, August 8th, on the subject of “The Politics of Language.”  Above, are 3 of his many posters which can be found at, along with a series of essays and articles.

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August 8th, at 8pm, Dr. Laura Welcher will participate on “The Politics of Language” panel.  She is the director of operations at The Rosetta Project, a contemporary version of the historic Rosetta Stone, a meaningful survey and near permanent archive of 1000 languages, at The Long Now foundation.  This film details the project, from the origin of its design to its fascinating development.

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Word Magic by Norma Cole →

Beautiful piece by Norma Cole, who will be gracing Summer School’s POLITICS of LANGUAGE panel on August 8, 2012.


complex, complexion

translate, translation

emote, emotion

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From Christian Nagler’s amazing Market Fitness project.  Christian will be presenting a workshop for POLITICS of LANGUAGE, August 8, 2012, 7pm.  “Just try to let it all sink in….go back to some of the first things that I was saying, about liquidity being the probability that an asset can be converted to a selected amount of value, in a selected amount of time.”

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