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Global Map of Surveillance and Privacy

Global Map of Surveillance and Privacy

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"…schools, more than any other institution, are nothing more than barracks, where the human mind is trained and manipulated in order to be subjected to the various social and mental phantoms, and thus rendered capable of continuing this system of exploitation and oppression of ours."
Max Baginski
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This class will look at readings, ephemera, & diagrams describing non-hierarchical ways that human beings have organized themselves. We will read, talk, and write during each class. We will not critique or workshop each others’ work, but rather use the class to generate material inspired…

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Struggling to Win: Anarchists building popular power in Chile U.S. Speaking tour! Sat 8pm 2/22 

Struggling to Win: Anarchists building popular power in Chile U.S. Speaking tour! Sat 8pm 2/22 

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Chilean Anarchists’ US Speaking tour: this SAT. 8PM! (2/22)


BAPS Facebook event (click here)
U.S. tour website (click here)

8PM SATURDAY! Co-Presented by Bay Area Public SchoolSudo Room, and AK Press!

Chile has a long history of working class struggle in shanty towns, factories, mines, community organizations, and schools. In the 20 years after the US supported coup which overthrew Salvador Allende’s government, much of the organizing was done underground. However after the fall of the dictatorship in 1990, there was a new rise of mass popular organization in the country. This national tour brings three individuals involved in these struggles to talk about the lessons learned and to create solidarity across hemispheres. From January to the end of February, the speakers will be traveling throughout the country and we hope that you can spread the word and hear about the important work that is happening in Chile. Join us in welcoming them on Saturday, February 22!

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first queer study event scheduled 2/22 @ 5pm




a free monthly queer study event
at the bay area public school
2141 Broadway/22nd, Oakland


FEB 22, 5pm - 8pm = Queer Phenomenology

in which K. Mooney will lead us in a discussion of Chapter One in Sarah Ahmed’s /Queer Phenomenology/ and then we will watch films curated by Erika Staiti.

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Here is the full pdf of Juan Luiz Martinez’s La Nueva Novela.

Here is the full pdf of Juan Luiz Martinez’s La Nueva Novela.

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Reading at 8pm Jan. 19th at 2141 Broadway !

Reading at 8pm Jan. 19th at 2141 Broadway !

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"Jerome Rothenberg is a DNA spaceman, exploring the mammal caves of Now."

— Michael McClure

Eye of Witness Book Launch

Jerome Rothenberg
and Heriberto Yepez

Jan. 25th @ 8pm

2141 Broadway, Oakland

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Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 7pm

BAY AREA PUBLIC SCHOOL [Classroom] — 2141 Broadway, Oakland CA
Join us for an a talk and film screening on the state of Chilean poetics, translation, and small-presses with Carlos Soto Román. 

He will present: “Señales de Ruta” (Road Signs) a documentary by Tevo Díaz. The film recreates the life and work of poet Juan Luis Martínez (Viña del Mar, 1942-1993), author of important books for Chilean literature, such as “La Nueva Novela” (The New Novel, 1977), the object-book “La Poesía Chilena” (Chilean Poetry, 1978), and the posthumous “Poemas del Otro” (Poems of the other, 2003). The documentary offers a vision that gets closer to the codes Juan Luis Martínez exhibited in his work, while being a piece of great quality and visual audacity contained in the space of 30 minutes.

Carlos Soto Román is the author of Philadelphia’s Notebooks (Otoliths, 2011), and Chile Project [Re-Classified] (Gauss PDF, 2013)  He is a translator and the curator of the cooperative anthology of US poetry Elective Affinities. He lives in Philadelphia, PA.

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